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5 Simple Ways To Work With A Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant world has grown dramatically in recent years, with companies and professionals needing to find a way to work leaner, whilst maintaining high standards. Nowadays you can find a VA who specialises in almost everything you need, from making appointments to managing your marketing strategy.

Delegation is the key to success when working with a Virtual Assistant. You can shave hours off your working day/week by investing a little time in bringing your VA up to speed on those admin tasks that you have always done yourself.

Here are 5 simple ways you could use a VA to reduce your stress and take your business to the next level.

Online Research

Time consuming but very necessary. Know what your competitors are doing, follow current industry trends or even research content for your next blog, will help

with your marketing strategy.

Brief your Virtual Assistant and voila you can move on to more pressing business.

Personal Assistance

Planning a holiday, or need to book a

restaurant? Your VA can do the research and take care of all those lifestyle bookings too.

Technology allows your VA to manage your calendar, schedule appointments and take care of your emails. Something to consider when you go on holiday.

Social Media

As great as social media is, it takes up a lot of your time creating content, managing ads and posting to all the different platforms.

Then you've got to respond to all your wonderful clients and follow up on new leads.

Pass it all over and breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your VA has everything under control.

Business Support​​

Do these tasks keep you working in your business opposed to on your business?

  • Formatting documents

  • Transcribing minutes

  • Managing your emails

  • Managing clients

  • Following up leads

  • Capturing data

  • Managing your CRM system

These everyday time-consuming tasks are perfect to hand over to your VA. You will save a chunk of time to get on with contacting new leads and generating new business.

Event Planning

Organising any large event can be stressful. Whether it be corporate or personal, your VA can help with the planning and preparation to ensure all elements are addressed and you take the kudos, as simple as that!

Get in touch today, so we can work together to grow your business.

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