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What is a Virtual Assistant

Can't see the wood for the trees.... A Virtual Assistant could be your perfect solution!


A Virtual Assistant provides online admin support from a remote location.

We provide our own workspace and equipment, and use time-tracking software to record just how much time we spend on each client.

Talk to us, tell us what your needs are and with today's technology you submit your work to us online. Service and confidentiality agreements ensure peace of mind.

With the VA profession growing, there are lots of adverts out there for a variation of services being offered. Remember the golden rule - You get what you pay for!

Hiring an employee vs hiring a Virtual Assistant


  • Office space and equipment required

  • Benefit packages

  • Sick and holiday pay

  • Insurance

  • Payroll

  • Finding the right candidate to fit the office environment


  • Send the work online with requirements and completion date – EVERYTHING is done for you by a professional

  • Service contract signed and payment made for services rendered

Benefits of a VA

Don't sweat the small stuff – delegate your tasks to a VA for a fast and efficient way of doing business. Pay only for the time used to complete the necessary piece of work.

A VA can do any pretty much anything an in-house admin assistant can do except - make the tea!

What a VA can do for you?

Any task that can be outsourced online!

Working with a VA you are able to delegate tasks that you might not have the time or energy to do yourself, leaving you to focus on more important things!

We all like to think of ourselves as great all-rounders but truth be told, we all have our pitfalls. You may be the best surgeon in the world but being able to find your way around a computer is out of your depth. You may be the brightest entrepreneur but having to deal with the general admin of running your business brings tears to your eyes.

This is where using a trusted VA comes into its own. Pass on any tasks to us that you either hate doing, or don’t have time to do yourself because your business is thriving. Give yourself time to concentrate on what matters to you!

Our mission at Virtually There is make lives easier, its too short to be stressing over tasks that could be delegated! We look forward to hearing from you.

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